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Kode is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Kansas City. Drawing inspiration from his father who was a funk bassist, Kode burst onto the music scene at 19 in the summer of 2020. Despite the unconventional timing, his talent swiftly gained traction, accumulating 400k+ TikTok followers, 300k+ monthly Spotify listeners, and over 10 million streams in the past year. Kode embodies the essence of the modern digital artist, single-handedly writing, producing, and leveraging his college experience as a cinematography major to cut his own content. Immersed in the local music culture since childhood, Kode’s lyrics delve into genuine emotions, addressing themes like depression, social anxiety, and his personal battle with cancer. His authentic, vulnerable approach provides a relatable narrative for those navigating emotional struggles. Kode is poised to release his debut album in 2024 with plans embarking on his first US tour.